Sunday, February 27, 2011

MODIFIKASI SUZUKI SMASH 2005 | Modif For Rois pics


Not already on the market its time again searched glued see left motor looks dirty, try deh see Suzi Smash Jacky Jinggo belongs. Cool model used is also legitimate speeding aja let alone make the streets with my friends one club.

Appearance and performance became the main concern. "Create a power protect I support with the already oversized piston 200, hereinafter to supply current gasoline karbu wear Keihin exhaust hole 28 is forwarded refined and AHRS short muffler that makes the pull lightly," said junior Al Zahra Jepara Student this.

Easy offset machine, the legs also were taken into account with a rim Daytona rubber took big tires so easy to drag plate. "Suspension front of a little fashion of applying the tube model and YSS Bungbon to stern, the following pairs of PSM 32mm wide disc clamped Nissin calipers," Jacky cap.

So that eventually more and more perfect view, the last secret forwarded through color graphics garnish screen enough fresh evocative style, a dynamic spirit of racing. | Andre

Rim DPN / BLK: TK japan, Ban DPN / BLK: FDR, Cat / clear: Blinken, Exhaust: Creampie, Mdifikator: J-Concept Jepara