Saturday, January 1, 2011

Honda CB1300 photos

What is Fast Art on 2 Wheels… simply the best in performance meets style and art that separates you from anyone rolling the road. The heart of the art starts with a Hyabusa, which is stretched, chromed accented with a single sided swing arm spinning 300 series rubber. Then, like fine art, the details… custom paint down to every nut and bolt that sets this bike aside making it one of a kind.

Founder Nick Anglada… of CSC told us, “These bikes are for those who want it all… a real Baller.” He continued “there isn’t a Harley-like cruiser out there that can compare. We not only provide rolling art like no others can, but our art will crank out 160bhp+”

There is no comparison. CSC is the leading builder of this new generation of sportbikes. For more information and some great examples of their work,

2.2 Honda CB13002.2 Honda CB1300
A306 F5CA306 F5C
big honda cb1300sbig honda cb1300s
2009CB1300 022009CB1300 02